Sportsmanship and fair play are foremost concerns.  Good sportsmanship is a responsibility of the teams.  An entire team is also responsible for the conduct of each player.  Other team members can do more to control a team member than an official. Teams must make every effort to prevent the occurrence of “incidents”. In the event that teams are unable to exert this control. LYSA must employ penalties to prevent further “incidents” to protect players and officials.

  1. Game times will be times on the official schedule.  Game time is forfeit time.

  2. No inning to begin after 1 hour and 15 minutes unless the game is tied.  The international tie breaker will go into effect at the end of 7 innings or 1 hour and 15 minutes, which ever is first, to determine the winner. No more then 2 innings of international tie breaker will be played for any league game.

  3. Run ahead rule is 12 after 3, 10 after 4, and 8 after 5 innings for all age divisions.

  4. For 8 & U, 10 & U and 12 & U only- if game is won in 3 innings by rule 3, game will continue to complete game length (1 hour and 15minutes) or finish when agreeable with both coaches.

  5. Players can be on only one LYSA team roster.

  6. All teams must have at least one coach that is a member of LYSA.

  7. An illegal player is a forfeit.

  8. After a forfeit, teams may share players and are encouraged to play a practice game.

  9. Make-up games will NOT be rescheduled due to bad weather during Fall League.  There will be no refunds given for games canceled due to weather conditions or wet fields.

  10. Home team will be determined by coin flip at the plate. Dugouts will be on a first come basis.  Home team will be the official book.

  11. Each team will furnish a suitable optic yellow, core .47, compression .375  game ball.

  12. No protests will be allowed .

  13. In the event of bad weather, a game will be considered a complete game if it has been in progress 60 minutes or if 3 complete innings have been completed by both sides. In all other instances, the score recorded will be the official score when the game was called.

  14. Teams will be allowed to start a game with 8 players with 1 out, this out will be the last position in the batting order.  If a team has less than 8 players the game will be considered a forfeit.  Players that arrive after the start of a game will be added to the bottom of the line-up.

  15. Before the start of the game, each team may choose to play ASA rules (9 players) or to bat continuous line-up and free substitution on defense as per the following.
    1. All players present at the start of the game must be listed in the batting order.  Those arriving after the start of the game will be listed on the bottom of the batting order.
    2. Once a player is listed in the batting order she must remain in the same position.
    3. There will be free substitution of players in the field on defense.  However, there cannot be more than 9 or less than 8 players on the field at any time.  Any player listed in the batting order regardless of the number may play any position in the field.
    4. Continuous batting only – a courtesy runner for an injured baserunner, will be allowed, this courtesy runner will be the player that made the last out.
    5. Submission of line-up before the game will serve as notice of the team’s choice for the full game.


     16. If player is removed from the line up it will not be considered an out unless the team drops below 9 players.  Any players removed from the line up may not re-enter.

     17. Teams that have to forfeit a game MUST notify LYSA 24 hours before the game.If a team does not make the notification or fails to show up for the game, the no-show team will be assessed a $50.00 fine payable to LYSA.

     18. In the event of a forfeit, umpires are required to officiate practice games for at least one hour. 

     19. In the event of a tie in the teams records the following will be used to determine the winner:


Head to Head            

Runs allowed between the teams involved in the Head to Head

Coin flip

Where not covered above, all ASA rules apply.

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