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This page is dedicated to Players, Parents, Coaches, or Teams looking for additional players or players looking for a team. Please post your information and we will list your request on the Message Board to help get your information out there to the LYSA members. The listings are free and we reserve the right to review all posts prior to listing them.

Directions: CLICK HERE TO ACCESS THE MESSAGE BOARD.  Scroll to the end of the posted messages and complete the message form that can be found there.  The message will be reviewed for content to ensure that no spam or non-appropriate content is being submitted. Non-appropriate content includes but is not limited to: Profanity, derogatory comments, defamation of character, or any other comments that can be construed as negative towards a team, coach, or player.  Once approved, the message will be posted with the other messages on the message board.

We hope you are finding success in your searches with this tool.

To help us keep this message board current,  if you would let us know when a message can be deleted, that will help us eliminate some of the clutter. 


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